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Edmonton's preferred custom industrial powder coater


Help us create a world of color and style. 

Come work with The Powdermill as we work on some of Edmontons finest metalwork.


The Shippers/Receiver sends, accepts and records the movement of shop supplies and customer product to and from our establishment. 

Essential duties include determining the method of shipment and prepare shipping documents. Assemble containers and crates, pack goods to be shipped, and prepare identifying information and shipping instructions. Oversee loading and unloading of goods from trucks, etc. Inspect and verify incoming goods against invoices or other documents, record shortages and reject damaged goods. Unpack and route goods to appropriate storage areas and maintain internal record-keeping systems. Operate forklift, hand truck or other equipment to load, unload, transport and store goods. Know safe storage and handling procedures for various chemicals and materials.

Not Hiring

We are not currently hiring for any positions below this point but feel free to check them out.

Powder Coater

The Powder Coat Painter is responsible for routine preventive and maintenance tasks within the plant. Essential duties include coating large structures, performing inspections and clean-ups; storing and disposing of powder products, operating tools and equipment with efficiency, preparing and powder painting on a variety of surfaces including steel and aluminum.

Abrasive Blaster

The Abrasive Blaster is responsible for routine preventive and maintenance tasks within the plant. Essential duties include operating high-pressured equipment to propel abrasives, onto steel to etch, clean and smooth the surface. Abrasive blasters routinely prepare large or small structures for powder coating, perform inspections and clean-up; manage storing and disposal of new or spent media, operating tools and equipment with efficiency.